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Branham300 Company Spotlight: Silanis

Monday, April 23, 2012

Branham300 Spotlight Company: SilanisSince its inception, the fundamental goal of the Branham300 has been to raise the profile of the Canadian ICT industry, identify its leaders, as well as illustrate the depth and breadth of innovative technology that is offered by Canadian ICT organizations on a national and international stage. Each month, the Branham300 NOW newsletter profiles industry leaders in an effort to bring well deserved exposure to organizations that are catalysts of growth within the Canadian ICT industry.

Silanis is a leading provider of e-signature solutions. The Montreal-based company experienced tremendous growth in fiscal 2011, increasing revenues by more than 100%, leading it to be recognized on the 2012 Edition of the Branham300 as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Canada. The following profile highlights Silanis' past and present accomplishments and its plans for the future.

Where Silanis Came From…

Incorporated in 1992 before any electronic signature software was commercially available, entrepreneurs Tommy Petrogiannis, Michael Laurie and Joseph Silvester launched their company with a focus on the pen-based computing trend of the late 80’s and early 90’s, the precursor to today’s web tablets. While working with their first customer Ontario Hydro, the trio stumbled across a business problem that would change their direction and launch a new market segment -- e-signatures. The public utility company needed to find an alternative to routing regulated engineering drawings across the country by courier for approvals, since this was a time-consuming and costly process that would take up to three months for even a minor change.

What started as a plug-in for e-signing Autodesk AutoCAD®, Adobe® PDF® and Microsoft® Word™ files developed into a platform designed to completely manage electronic signing processes from start to finish so that they remain paperless. Over the years, Silanis’ trailblazing customers, a few of whom are highlighted here, were the real-world drivers behind at least half of all product development.

  • The US Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), arguably one of the most security conscious organizations in North America, deployed Silanis e-signatures to the entire Joint Staff in 1997. Fifteen years later, JCS documents are still e-signed using Silanis’ solutions, making the company part of the longest running implementation of e-signatures within any US government organization.

  • GMAC Commercial Mortgage became a paperless office in 2001 when it enabled its global operations with Silanis e-signatures.

  • The US Army enterprise awarded Silanis an enterprise e-signature contract in 2004. Since then the company continues to support over 1.6 million personnel, making this the single largest deployment of e-signatures on the planet.

  • Stewart Title leveraged Silanis e-signatures to launch SureClose in 2004, and made the convenience and efficiency of eMortgages a reality for homebuyers.

  • Country Financial equipped both their customers and their 2,200 sales agents to e-sign term, universal and whole life insurance applications in 2010, 80% of which are now completed electronically.

  • A top 10 US bank rolled out Silanis e-signatures to 3,000+ retail branches in 2011. This represents the largest deployment of e-signatures for consumer and small business lending.

Where Silanis is Today…

Having just marked the company’s 20th anniversary in March 2012, Silanis is the world’s leading enterprise electronic signature and e-vaulting software provider. Adopted by the top banks, insurance companies and government agencies, Silanis’ solutions enable 100% electronic processing of high-value business transactions that require secure, compliant and enforceable e-signatures. Silanis proudly counts four of North America’s largest 10 banks as customers, along with five of the top 10 North American insurers. The company is profitable and has a strong balance sheet – providing our customers with the reassurance that with Silanis, they are investing in a stable, long-term partner.

As software consumption models have evolved, so has Silanis. Today the company offers enterprise e-signature solutions that can be delivered both on premises and as SaaS, be it on a public or private cloud.

At Silanis, innovation, quality and responsibility are part of the company’s core values. Measured by intellectual property and expertise, as well as marquee customers and their world-class deployments, Silanis’ innovation and quality stand alone as best in class. In a recent customer survey, an outstanding 94% of respondents rated Silanis products as “Excellent”.

Where Silanis Plans to Go Tomorrow…

The Silanis e-signature platform currently processes an impressive 600 million documents annually – more than any other e-signature vendor worldwide. As Silanis’ customers continue to deploy across the enterprise, one the company’s goals is to enable massive scalability of e-signatures, – supporting hundreds of millions e-signed documents per customer while maintaining the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Silanis is also forging new ground with e-transaction analytics and e-signature mobility. Analysts expect that by 2020 the majority of e-signature transactions will be launched from mobile devices. As Silanis looks to the future, inbound-driven signing transactions (e.g. where an invitation to the e-signing session is sent by email) will become so commonplace that people will use their mobile phones to e-sign electronic contracts from anywhere. As an example, people will complete everyday processes such as damage claims for car accidents on-site where the event happens. They will take photos and video of the damage, upload a photo of their driver’s license or even record their voice, and complete the signing process immediately, so that downstream processes like approval of repair expenses by the insurance company can be finalized by the time the driver arrives home.

This is an exciting time for Silanis, with a number of new product innovations to be announced in the near future.

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