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Branham300 Company Spotlight: WiLAN

Monday, April 23, 2012

Branham300 Company Spotlight - WiLANSince its inception, the fundamental goal of the Branham300 has been to raise the profile of the Canadian ICT industry, identify its leaders, as well as illustrate the depth and breadth of innovative technology that is offered by Canadian ICT organizations on a national and international stage. Each month, the Branham300 NOW newsletter profiles industry leaders in an effort to bring well deserved exposure to organizations that are catalysts of growth within the Canadian ICT industry.

WiLAN has been recognized as a leading Canadian technology player on the Branham300 for the past five years. More recently, in its 2011 fiscal year WiLAN signed several key licensing agreements, contributing significantly to its 100+% increase in annual revenues. As a result of its growth, WiLAN was recognized on the 2012 Edition of the Branham300 as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Canada. The following profile highlights WiLAN's past and present accomplishments and its plans for the future.

WiLAN in Brief...

WiLAN is a leading intellectual property (IP) licensing and technology development company. Many of the world’s largest technology firms license portions of WiLAN’s growing portfolio of more than 3,000 issued and pending patents. The portfolio covers wireless and related telecommunications technologies, digital television and displays, and cloud computing. Through its Gladios IP division, patent owners can leverage WiLAN’s proven business, engineering, legal and licensing expertise to develop tailored licensing programs that can monetize their IP. WiLAN is publicly traded and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:WIN) and the NASDAQ (NASD:WILN).

Where WiLAN Came From…

WiLAN was established in 1992 to develop and commercialize technology that made low-cost, high-speed wireless networking a reality. In its early years, WiLAN manufactured several generations of products that utilized WiLAN’s ground-breaking inventions. By 2005 WiLAN’s patented inventions were being used in millions of unlicensed wireless products worth many billions of dollars.

Realizing the value that its intellectual property brought to industry, in 2006 WiLAN focused its business on protecting and monetizing its patented inventions. Today, some of the world’s largest technology companies license WiLAN’s patented technologies.

Where WiLAN is Today…

Since shifting its business focus to IP licensing in 2006, WiLAN has grown its patent portfolio from 20 patents to over 3,000 patents. It has signed license agreements with more than 250 technology companies including industry leaders Broadcom, Cisco, Fujitsu, Infineon, Intel, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, RIM, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. WiLAN’s engineering team also continues to innovate and generate more patented inventions. WiLAN has increased revenues from CDN $2 million in 2006 to US $105.8 million in 2011, making WiLAN one of the fastest growing companies in North America. Based on market capitalization, WiLAN is one of Canada’s most valuable public technology companies.

Where WiLAN Plans to Go Tomorrow…

WiLAN plans to continue building its technology portfolio through its internal development programs and through acquisition. The company expects to secure more license agreements to its core technology portfolios, which cover wireless access, digital display and cloud computing. In addition, through its Gladios IP division, the company expects to increase partnerships with patent owners to help them monetize their IP.

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