ICT Report


Branham provides planning services through several methodologies most notably its own proprietary planning methodologies – the Business Review Service (BRS) and the Strategic Planning Process (SPP). 

We provide marketplace analysis and help companies set objectives, and manage growth through the application of proven strategic, business and operations planning methodologies.

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Branham provides marketing services through its Competitive Intelligence (CI) work as well as through its proprietary Market Readiness Audit (MRA). 

Helping companies understand their market(s), market position, and competitors while fine-tuning the value proposition, we offer market research, competitive analysis, white papers, surveys, studies, strategic and tactical marketing programs, product development and branding strategies.

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Organizations often need help funding growth, securing relationships, and enhancing product breadth and market reach.

Branham can facilitate the arrangement of strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions, technology acquisitions, distribution channel agreements and the securing of investment capital while helping investors understand and share the company vision.

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