ICT Report

Corporate Overview

Branham Group provides "Go to Market" direction to the global Information Technology products and services companies; particularly those that want to harness e-Business opportunities.

Since our inception in 1990, the widespread vision of our professional team has taken us to all corners of the globe to assist our valued clients. Our clients are based primarily in the United States, with a large percentage in Canada and Europe. Recently our international reach has touched Latin American countries and companies in the Asia Pacific markets.

Branham Group acts as an information channel for the future of business in a wired world, helping clients understand and leverage emerging and emergent technologies.

As enterprises expand worldwide in search of new markets, the need for complimentary global and local business intelligence increases. All of Branham's analysis, strategies and recommendations are based on our own primary research that covers the global market. We uncover and document latest developments, following user trends and next generation IT leaders.

Over the last decade, Branham has assisted world leaders in software, hardware and services. Through our vast understanding of the IT Market, we have been able to deliver meaningful insight to our clients in the areas of planning, marketing, and partnering.

One of our most valued assets, second only to our professional team is the Branham300 listing, published annually in the April/May issue of Backbone Magazine.

The Branham300 offers readers a snapshot of the Canadian IT market, and has become the gauge by which Information Technology (IT) companies measure their success.

Complementary to our annual Branham300 listing, Branham publishes various articles summarizing the key trends and activities of the previous year.