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Medicine in the Digital AgeIn the past, government focus on system improvements has been on the hospital acute care segment as this is where the majority of spend has been. However, there is a realization that building a sustainable and effective care delivery model requires the seamless integration across the continuum of care beginning with primary care physician offices with multidisciplinary service models, through to the hospitals and continuing care facilities, and into the home care and community care settings.

21st century healthcare delivery means access to the right information by the appropriate service provider in the ideal setting of care.

As our health system is shifting to build an integrated model of care delivery, so too is Branham's focus expanding to include primary care, acute care, continuing care and home care market segments. Branham Group Inc. is the definitive source for Digital Health information and analysis on the continuum of care in the Canadian healthcare market.

To date, the healthcare market has been slow to adopt change. However, we are seeing greater activity in the adoption rate of information and communication technology (ICT) in this market and this rate of adoption is taking place at all levels of the healthcare sector. ICT is being lauded as an enabler of the change that must occur if we are to have a sustainable and robust health system.

The Branham Digital Health NOW Subscription Package provides unbiased information and analysis of trends in Digital Health. The primary objective of this package is to provide in-depth analysis on the current state of Digital Health deployment in Canadian healthcare organizations.

The Digital Health NOW service goes beyond the Digital Health in Canada reports by expanding our coverage to the full continuum of care, while enabling the reader to keep a finger on the pulse of the Digital Health marketplace with concise, immediate, and relevant reports.

Scope and Objectives

Digital Health NOW Monthly newsletters and the detailed bi-monthly Digital Health Now Spotlight reports will be invaluable in identifying sales and marketing opportunities throughout Canada. The bi-monthly reports identify the key players in the various market segments as well as providing comprehensive information to enhance your understanding of these relevant focus areas.

The Digital Health NOW subscription service will ensure that you have a thorough understanding from a healthcare and technology perspective on the key issues and trends in this dynamic market.

For sales organizations, Digital Health NOW can help you identify sales opportunities and in building solid business cases for prospective customers.

For marketing personnel, Digital Health NOW will allow your marketing activities to be more targeted to the latest trends in the healthcare market. This market is changing and the rate of change is increasingly diffi cult to manage. We can help.

For government agencies and non-profit agencies with a focus on health, Digital Health NOW ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic and complex system for eff ective policy and program development. Keeping abreast of this dynamic market is critical to your success.

Digital Health NOW is your trusted information source for the healthcare market.

Target Buyers

The Branham Digital Health Subscription Package off ers information and analysis of value to any organization selling into, developing policies for, or tracking the evolution of the Canadian Digital Health market. The intended audiences include:

  • Vendors offering ICT-based products and services to healthcare organizations;
  • Vendors who are considering an entry into the Canadian Digital Health market;
  • Government departments and /or agencies;
  • Regional Health Authorities;
  • Industry associations and non-profit organizations with responsibility for, or an interest in, the Canadian Digital Health market;
  • Economic development agencies;
  • Buyers of Digital Health products and services

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