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e-Business is a business model that continues to gain momentum through new technological advancements and increased understanding in the end user and business communities as to the benefits it has to offer. Companies that are most successful in effecting the transition to the digital economy are those with the knowledge and flexibility to redefine their traditional paradigms to embrace the new electronic marketplace. Through Branham's global market intelligence and our associations with the worlds leading hardware and software vendors, we possess a legacy of industry knowledge and expertise to assist your firm in acclimatizing to current e-Business initiatives, while positioning you to keep pace with the rapid market uptake. The rise of electronic data transfer, e-commerce, Internet securtiy and wireless technology has prompted significant and evolutionary patterns in the way that companies conduct transactions, relationships and buying decisions. Branham can assist your firm in shifting its existing model to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by these new enabling technologies. We purport to do this by:

  • Assimilating your firm's value proposition into market leadership
  • Create strong customer preference for your offering
  • Develop a defensible competitive strategy to take market share
  • Proliferation of smart web use
  • Providing succinct data on competitor advances
  • Aggregated access to sales cycle intelligence
  • Accelerate financial opportunity for your product or services
  • Integrate e-Business and e-commerce into your smart marketing plan
  • Validate any of your plans before implementation
  • Execute your plans successfully

We have extensive experience in:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand testing
  • Price Sensitivity Analysis
  • Win/loss Analysis

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