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Multi-Client Studies


Digital Health in Canada

The Digital Health Practice within Branham Group Inc. offers a range of unparalleled data products and consulting services. The Digital Health in Canada study is Branham's flagship Digital Health information and analysis product. The third publication of this comprehensive study is currently available. Branham offers subscriptions to its innovative Digital Health NOW package, which is a comprehensive and expanded supplement to the Digital Health in Canada study. The annual subscription package includes 12 Digital Health NOW Monthly provincial updates, as well as six bi-monthly Digital Health NOW Spotlight reports, which take an in-depth look at specific topics in Digital Health such as Chronic Disease Management and Electronic Health Records.

For further information, please contact Wayne Gudbranson at 613-745-2282 ext. 113.

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Branham recently launched its Green IT research initiative, which provides unbiased, in-depth information and analysis of current trends in Green IT in North America and abroad while taking into consideration core developments in select industry verticals. The initiative aims to provide detailed and consistent data sets that are available in other segments of the IT industry but are lacking in the Green IT space. Branham delivers this through a Green IT subscription service that provides information of value to any organization that is tracking the Green IT space, or considering buying or selling Green IT solutions.

For further information on this study please contact Ted Dhillon at 613-745-2282 ext. 121.

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US Outsourcing Market and Nearshore Opportunities

Branham's outsourcing practice was a natural evolution of our 19 year focus on technology companies. Canadian technology companies have grown and changed with the business environment morphing into trusted partners of all forms of business, as the IT Infrastructure transformed the internet from an isolated department into the foundation of all business operations. The outsourcing practice at Branham Group, offers custom research, reports and white papers and perhaps most importantly, an extensive database of companies and capabilities offered by vendors from Canada - the Canadian Outsourcing Resource Guide.

For more information please contact Andrew Bisson at 613-745-2282 ext. 117.

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Wireline and Wireless Convergence – The New Challenge in Extending the Enterprise

The use of wireless technology is increasing within the business community, Furthermore, it is presenting new opportunities to extend the traditional wireline information and communications environment to allow the enterprise to enhance its ability to connect with customers, employees and partners. Branham's study will conduct a detailed analysis of successful implementations of Wireline and Wireless Convergence providing subscribers will a very unique perspective on best practices in this burgeoning area.

For further information on this study please email Branham at wireless@branhamgroup.com or contact Wayne Gudbranson at 613-745-2282 ext. 113.

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