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Branham Launches Green IT Research Initiative


Branham Group Inc. today announced the launch of a comprehensive research initiative to examine and provide unbiased, in-depth information and analysis of current trends in Green IT in North America and abroad while taking into consideration core developments in select industry verticals. The initiative aims to provide detailed and consistent data sets that are available in other segments of the IT industry but are lacking in the Green IT space.

IT is believed to account for approximately 2% of global man-made carbon emissions; however, it can significantly contribute to the control and reduction of the other 98%. While enhancing energy efficiencies of internal IT systems is expected to become standard practice over the next few years, the market opportunity for IT solutions to align business processes with green corporate imperatives (a significant contributor to the other 98%) will grow exponentially for many years to come.

"Businesses are becoming more concerned that they will be held responsible for their environmental exposure," says Wayne Gudbranson, President and CEO of Branham Group Inc.  "These concerns are driven largely by stakeholder demands for greater transparency related to the organizations' environmental exposure, the need to stay ahead of the competition, compliance with regulations, and brand erosion risks.  As more companies include a green element in their corporate strategies, understanding and implementing Green IT initiatives is becoming more important."  

The lack of data in the Green IT space is amplified where IT intersects with various industry verticals, and where sector-wise data on process impacts (e.g., emissions) is non-existent. As the shift to a more environmentally-efficient economy accelerates, this lack of data and related analysis poses challenges for both the buyers and the sellers of Green IT solutions.  "Green" is becoming an important decision criterion for buyers as they look for IT solutions that will help them meet their green objectives, while sellers are looking to better understand buyer needs so that they can offer them targeted IT solutions.  The Branham Green IT Research Initiative aims to bridge this knowledge gap by providing critical data and insights into the burgeoning Green IT space. Branham delivers this through a Green IT subscription service that provides information of value to any organization that is tracking the Green IT space, or considering buying or selling Green IT solutions.  The subscription service includes monthly newsletters, bi-monthly industry vertical spotlight reports, and one-on-one access to Branham analysts.

For more information regarding the Branham Green IT Research Initiative please contact:
Ted Dhillon (tdhillon@branhamgroup.com)
Director of Planning & Market Analysis
Branham Group Inc.
613-745-2282 ext. 121

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