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Branham Group Releases Report on Innovative Technologies in Health Care

This comprehensive report takes an in-depth look at the latest technologies that are redefining the delivery of health care

- Ottawa, Ontario - Branham Group Inc., a leading global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) analyst and strategic marketing consultancy, recently released a report titled "Cool Technologies in Health Care ICT: 2012 Update" which presents an insight into novel medical technology solutions (or devices) that are having a major impact on improving the quality of life for patients and addressing infrastructural and systemic challenges in the delivery of health care.

The report describes a "cool technology" as one that is innovative, is recent in its application or is expected to find increased application in coming years, and is likely to significantly affect the delivery of health care. According to the report, some of the key technologies that will find increased acceptance in the health care community in coming years include high-performance computing (HPC), smartphones, wireless communications, bio-engineering, artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), and service platform technologies. Some trends that will drive the emergence of innovative technologies include self-care and other alternative methods of care delivery, emergency preparedness and the increased need for privacy and security of patient information.

"As the challenges that face Canadian health care intensify, the focus on leveraging technology for achieving greater efficiency in the health care sector has increased manifold," says Wayne Gudbranson, President and CEO of Branham Group. "As a result, innovation in health care technologies continues to remain cutting edge with several new technologies being introduced into the market on a regular basis. Much of this innovation is being driven by the contradictory need to control spiraling health care costs while improving health care delivery to an increasingly ageing population."

The report has been produced as part of Branham's Digital Health NOW offering, which provides unbiased information and analysis of trends in Digital Health, and an in-depth analysis on the current state of Digital Health deployment in Canadian and international health care regions and organizations.

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