Branham Group Releases Digital Health Update Report on New Brunswick

Provides an important update on developments in New Brunswick's health care and related Digital Health markets in 2011-12

- Ottawa, Ontario - Branham Group Inc., a leading global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) analyst and strategic marketing consultancy, today released a report titled "Digital Health NOW Monthly – New Brunswick Update," which provides an update on developments in the health care sector and Digital Health in the province of New Brunswick over the past year.

Several interesting developments have taken place in the New Brunswick health care system over the course of 2011 and the early part of 2012. With continued support for infrastructure improvements and building medical education capacity within the province, New Brunswick is attempting to lay a strong foundation from which to address some key healthcare challenges like wait times and access to healthcare services. In spite of the recent audit of eHealth procurements, the province’s electronic health records strategy remains on track. Research and development in the technology field continues, and with the deployment of more equipment and digital health technology within hospitals, the province is well poised to reap the benefits of increased efficiencies in coming months.

According to Wayne Gudbranson, President and CEO of the Branham Group, "New Brunswick's focus on enhancing its hospital infrastructure continues to remain a top priority in its healthcare strategy, as does delivery of primary healthcare programs and improving education and training capacity for healthcare workers." He further added, "The most important aspect is that the province is looking at managing its rising costs of healthcare. Their health budget includes measures to live within its means, while the medical education training options aim at building capacity within the province. This points to a prudent approach at a time when Canada's health care costs are skyrocketing as a whole."

The report has been produced as part of Branham's Digital Health NOW offering, which provides unbiased information and analysis of trends in Digital Health, and an in-depth analysis on the current state of Digital Health deployment in Canadian and international health care regions and organizations.

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