Branham Group Releases Update on EHR Initiatives in Canada

This comprehensive report provides an insight into the status of electronic health record (EHR) projects across the country

- Ottawa, Ontario - Branham Group Inc., a leading global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) analyst and strategic marketing consultancy, recently released a report titled "EHR Status: An Update" which presents an update on the implementation of electronic health record (EHR) initiatives across the country over the past 12 months. Several projects related to the EHR initiative have been completed across provinces while others are in progress.

According to the report, EHR initiatives across the provinces continue to push forward, and the public continues to see the benefits technology that can provide them with a more efficient healthcare system. Though the financial costs of implementing the interoperable EHR may still be difficult to forecast given the expansive nature of the initiative, the benefits to be attained are definite and already being seen. For example, those living in remote areas now have access to specialists, patients are able to view wait times for different procedures and reselect where they choose to receive treatment, paperless films and connection into DI-r's are becoming the norm, and individuals are able to more quickly move through the health care system on their treatment path.

"With appropriate adjustments to provincial strategic planning and as jurisdictions share more knowledge and experiences, the true gains of the EHR will soon become reality," says Wayne Gudbranson, President and CEO of Branham Group. "The need to bring the Canadian healthcare system into the technology age is vitally important to providing proper and adequate care to Canadians across the nation."

The report has been produced as part of Branham's Digital Health NOW offering, which provides unbiased information and analysis of trends in Digital Health, and an in-depth analysis on the current state of Digital Health deployment in Canadian healthcare organizations.

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