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2015 Edition of the Branham300 Launched

Top 250 Achieves 6.8% Growth in Cumulative Revenue


Branham Group Inc., a leading global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry Analyst and Strategic Advisory, is pleased to announce that the 2015 Edition of the Branham300.com, the premier ranking of Tech firms in Canada, is now available.

The cumulative revenue of the Top 250 Canadian Information Technology & Communications firms grew by 6.8% to $90.9 Billion. The ICT sector in Canada continues to impress. For the fifth consecutive year, the Top 250 recorded growth and set record revenues. “This is outstanding performance for our Canadian tech sector. We predicted this growth last year and it has been realized,” said Wayne Gudbranson, CEO, Branham Group. “Our Branham300 results this year are full of “highlight reel” efforts by tech companies.”

Other highlights include:

  • 73% of Top 250 companies grew their revenue
  • 52% of Top 250 companies hit double-digit growth
  • Software companies scored a country-leading collective growth rate of 63.65%
  • Ontario Top 250 companies account for 58% of the Top 250
  • Nova Scotia companies account for almost 25% of the Up and Comers
  • Quebec Top 250 companies led the way with cumulative revenue growth of almost 15%, British Columbia firms had the second-highest growth rate
  • 2014 Top 20 Movers and Shakers climbed a combined 786 ranking spots
  • Top 10 Growth Companies achieved average revenue growth of 176%
  • Top 25 Foreign Multinationals grew an average of 6%

About the Branham300 (www.Branham300.com)

For 22 years, the Branham300 has highlighted the top Canadian and Multinational ICT companies operating in Canada and is widely considered to be a leading source of intelligence on Canada’s ICT industry. It demonstrates the breadth of innovative technology offered by Canadian companies and the contribution these companies make to the economy, both nationally and provincially.

The Branham300 is a well-respected annual ranking of both publicly traded and privately held companies. It consists of three major listings, ranked by revenue (except where noted):

  • Top 250 Canadian ICT Companies
  • Top 25 ICT Multinational Companies operating in Canada
  • Top 25 Up and Coming ICT Companies (category ranked on innovation and long-term promise, not revenue)
  • Other sub-listings generated from the Top 250 listing include:
  • Top 25 Canadian Software Companies
  • Top 25 Canadian ICT Professional Services Companies
  • Top 25 Canadian ICT Hardware and Infrastructure Companies
  • Top 10 Canadian xService Providers (xSP) - (includes ASP, ISP, Wireless SP, MSP, etc.)
  • Top 10 Canadian ICT Security Companies
  • Top 10 Canadian Wireless Solutions Companies
  • Top 5 Pure-play Healthcare ICT Companies
  • Top 5 Mixed-play Healthcare ICT Companies
  • Top 10 ICT Staffing Companies
  • Top 10 Software as a Service (SaaS) Companies
  • Top 10 Mobile Technology Companies
  • Top 5 Digital Media and Entertainment Companies
  • Top 20 Movers and Shakers
  • Top 10 Growth Companies

All inquiries regarding the Branham300 should be made to branham300@branhamgroup.com.


About Branham Group Inc. (www.BranhamGroup.com)

Branham Group Inc. is a leading global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry Analyst and Strategic Advisory company. Branham focuses on assisting vendors of products and services and related organizations in achieving market success. Since its establishment in 1990, Branham Group has assisted more than 500 global brands in the areas of Planning, Marketing and Partnering.