The Outsourcing research practice at Branham encompasses a range of our unparalleled planning, marketing and partnering activities. They include multi-client studies, custom consulting engagements and database products of interest to buyers and vendors either interested in or a part of the Canadian outsourcing industry.

Beginning in 2005 before Thomas Friedman declared the world flat; Branham and a core group of Canadian vendors initiated the inquiries that led to the "US Outsourcing Market and Nearshoring Opportunities" study being published in 2006. The study was commissioned to get a proper fix on Canada's position vis a vis the other nearshore and offshore outsourcing alternatives to Canada.

The study found Canada's excellent reputation was only exceeded by it's proximity to the U.S., the largest pool of outsourcing buyers in the world; however it was documented that Canada was underperforming as compared to many others in terms of the market share it was achieving.

Branham has embraced the task of carefully researching, measuring and chronicling the industry in Canada while at the same time compiling a wealth of data for use by our customers. This endeavour has resulted in Branham acting as an advocate for the Canadian outsourcing industry for onshore developments in the U.S., Canada and abroad.

Directory of Outsourcint Companies & Capabilities in Canada

As a result of the 2006 study findings, Branham found considerable support from both the private and public sectors for one of our most successful data products to date, the Directory of Outsourcing Companies and Capabilities in Canada. The Directory has quickly become the prominent guide for outsourcing leaders that view the prestige and impartiality of the Directory in high regard. The Directory has prospered from humble beginnings in 2007 to chronicle over 250 companies providing outsourcing services from Canada.

The Directory offers buyers an unbiased and independent viewpoint of the vendors from Canada, providing details on specializations and core competencies. Profiles include several descriptors including:

  • Business Description
  • Key Contacts
  • Domestic and International Offices
  • Target Verticals and Industry Sector Expertise
  • IT and ITES (BPO) Outsourcing Services
  • Key Software, Programming, Process or other Capabilities
  • Compelling Business Value Proposition
  • Client Success Stories/Endorsements

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