Multi-Client Studies

Branham's multi-client studies are custom research assignments that focus on key areas of technology or related industry.

Prepared on behalf of key industry stakeholders, both public and private, Branham's studies provide in-depth analysis and insight into ongoing developments across the Information and Communications Technology industry.

The outputs of these studies allow our clients to be the forefront of technology with the required knowledge to make strategic assessments.

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Research Reports

Branham's ongoing industry research initiatives keep us in tune with trends and 'breaking news' in the marketplace.

Branham's achievements include years of client specific research along with independent research and analysis for differing vertical market industries and a variety of technologies.

While much of this research is targeted to the specific requirements of a customer, Branham's unique insight and analysis is also available online for review and for purchase.

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Consulting Services

Branham's custom consulting services cater to the unique business needs of key decision makers across the technology industry.

Centered on the three critical areas to improving business performance, Branham's planning, marketing, and partnering services better enable today's business leaders to make informed decisions and reduce risk.

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