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Branham300 NOW: Canada's ICT Sector In-Depth

Written by Branham Group

The Branham300 NOW: Canada’s ICT Sector In-Depth subscription service provides tremendous insight into emerging trends and recent developments within not only Canada’s broader ICT Industry but also each of its major sub-sectors. This service provides coverage that goes well beyond Branham’s annual report entitled Canada’s ICT Industry: A National Perspective, offering a more comprehensive view of the industry, both historically and in core functional areas. Subscribers will benefit from concise, immediate, and relevant information, providing them with a true pulse of the key developments that comprise all facets of Canada’s diverse and ever changing ICT sector.

Deliverables included in the Branham300 NOW: Canada’s ICT Sector In-Depth subscription service are as follows:

  • Branham300 NOW Monthly Newsletter – The Branham300 NOW newsletter includes a summary of recent events (i.e. corporate financial updates, IPOs, M&A, etc.) and dives into a specific element of the Canadian ICT Industry (i.e. “ICT Professional Services: What does the future hold in an era of an increasingly virtual workforce?”, “Mobility: What’s Next?”, “Canada’s Start Up Community: What’s hot…what’s not”, etc.), leveraging Branham300 aggregate data while sharing first hand knowledge and insight from Canada’s leading companies and executives.
  • Branham300 NOW Spotlight Reports - These reports contain detailed topical snapshots of key aspects of the Canadian ICT industry and are a primer to help understand the importance of various ICT sub-sectors as part of Canada’s broader ICT marketplace. Furthermore, these reports also provide a thorough overview and evaluation of the key players that comprise the industry. In the 2011-12 season, the following reports will be published:
  1. Canada’s ICT Industry: A National Perspective (3 year review)
  2. Canada’s Software Sector (5 year in-depth)
  3. Canada’s ICT Professional Services Sector (5 year indepth)
  4. Canada’s ICT Hardware & Infrastructure Sector (5 year in-depth)
  5. Canada’s Major ICT Sub-Sectors (5 year in-depth)
         - Service Providers
         - IT Security
         - Wireless Solutions
         - Healthcare ICT
  6. Canada’s Movers & Shakers, Top Growth Companies, and Start Up Community (5 year in-depth)
The Branham300 NOW: Canada’s ICT Sector In-Depth subscription service offers information and analysis of value to any organization selling into, developing policies for, or tracking the evolution of the Canadian ICT market. The intended audiences include:
  • Vendors offering ICT-based products and services
  • Vendors considering an entry into the Canadian ICT sector
  • Government departments and/or agencies
  • Industry associations and non-profit organizations with responsibility for, or an interest in, the Canadian ICT market
  • Economic development agencies
  • Investors
  • Buyers of ICT products and services

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