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Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective (2012 Edition)

Written by Cari McGratten

Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective (2012 Edition) provides an in-depth analysis of Canada's leading ICT companies based on Branham300 aggregate data that was collected from 2009-2011. The report is broken down into four major sections, including: an overview of the Canadian ICT industry, an extensive analysis of each of Canada’s provinces and regions, an in-depth examination of each Canadian ICT Industry sub-sector, as well as a detailed breakdown of each of the quintiles comprising the Branham300’s Top 250 listing. This report includes 90 figures and 17 tables, as it provides comprehensive intelligence on key industry metrics (key industry players, revenue, revenue growth, revenue per employee, research & development investment, general & administrative costs, sales & marketing expenses, national and international revenue sources) along with extensive discussion on the happenings within the Canadian ICT industry during the past three years.

This report is a valuable resource for those who operate within the Canadian ICT industry as well as those who track it. It is also a must-have benchmarking tool for established industry veterans as well as new technology start-ups, as it provides valuable insight into what the industry leaders are doing to succeed. Please refer to the following sample Table of Contents:

Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective (2012 Edition) - TOC Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective (2012 Edition) - TOC (200 KB)

For those industry stakeholders (venture capitalists, start-ups, industry veterans, government officials) looking for up-to-date commentary and tremendous insight into emerging trends and recent developments within not only Canada's broader ICT Industry but also each of its major sub-sectors, Branham is proud to announce the launch of the Branham300 NOW: Canada's ICT Sector In-Depth subscription service. This service provides coverage that goes well beyond Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective, offering a more comprehensive view of the industry, both historically and in core functional areas. Subscribers will benefit from concise, immediate, and relevant information, providing them with a true pulse of the key developments that comprise all facets of Canada's diverse and ever changing ICT Sector.

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