IBM vs. Microsoft Developer Productivity Study

Written by Branham Group

This study provides a comparison of various productivity efficiencies and techniques between the IBM® J2EE and Microsoft® .NET development environments, through the creation of a real life web-based application. The main goal of the study was to assess which development environment is more productive for constructing robust server side applications (IBM or Microsoft).

With all application requirements documented, developers utilized equivalent tools from each respective environment to accomplish specific tasks in three phases of increasing complexity. Once the optimal development practices and procedures were established and documented, developers repeated tasks to eliminate variance of tool skill level before measuring each tools’ productivity.

For the full details on the findings of the Developer Productivity Study, please see the attached PDF documents.

Please note: for ease of distribution, the full report has been separated into two parts. The first part contains the full report including the methodology and results of the study. The second part contains the full appendix documenting all the application requirements and the individual stages that were timed in each of the respective development environments.

Developer Productivity Study - Report Developer Productivity Study - Report (1033 KB)

Developer Productivity Study - Appendix Developer Productivity Study - Appendix (2120 KB)