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Survival Guide for Conducting Business in Canada

Written by Branham Group

Thinking about doing business in the Canadian IT market? If you are, Branham can help.

Branham Group understands the challenges and opportunities of the Canadian IT market better than any other market research firm. Our annual Branham300 list (based on a 2000 company database) gives us an unrivaled breadth of insight into the marketplace. Combined with our 15 years of hands on experience in helping companies understand and execute on successful go to market strategies, Branham Group is the authoritative source on the Canadian IT market.

Branham Group has recently completed an in-depth survival guide for IT businesses looking to conduct business in Canada. Our survival guide can help mitigate the numerous risks associated with expanding into a foreign country; while also providing resources to answer specific future questions.

Expanding into a new country offers great rewards but is fraught with business risks. If you are looking for a roadmap to succeeding in the Canadian IT marketplace and have any of the following questions, we can help.

  • Do you need help in understanding the "unwritten" rules for conducting business in the Canadian IT marketplace?
  • Are you concerned about the time and resource investments required to perform an in-house investigation of the Canadian IT market?
  • Considering Canada as the springboard into the ultra-competitive US market?
  • Are you looking for the inside track to jump starting your business networking?
  • Confused on the right market entry model (partner or direct)?

Our survival guide for conducting business in the Canadian IT market can answer all of these questions and more. If you want to get a copy of this report, or have any questions please contact Mark Douglas at mdouglas@branhamgroup.com or call (613) 745-2282 Ext. 114.

Survival Guide - Executive Summary Survival Guide - Executive Summary (67 KB)

Survival Guide - Table of Contents Survival Guide - Table of Contents (39 KB)